"Which one suits me better?"


1/2/20242 min read

Discovering the perfect tequila tour to suit your preferences involves considering various options – the José Cuervo Train, distillery-led tours, taxi-driven excursions, budget-friendly party tours, and our comprehensive experience guided by Tequila Masters. Having personally taken each of these tours, I'll provide insights into their unique characteristics.

José Cuervo Train: Ideal for those seeking a lively atmosphere and impressive distillery setups. The José Cuervo distillery offers a beautiful setting; however, tours are often crowded with 50 people, making it challenging to obtain detailed information from the tour guide. Tastings occur on the train, featuring only one glass of inexpensive reposado for a group of 50. Pros: Beautiful train and distillery. Cons: Overcrowded, limited learning opportunities, and a lengthy 3-hour stay in Tequila Town when a shorter visit suffices.

Party Tours: Offering a budget-friendly "tequila experience," these tours are suitable for solo travelers looking to socialize. While not focused on learning or high-quality tequila, they provide a quick distillery tour with basic information, preparing participants for inexpensive tequila consumption from plastic cups. Pros: Cost-effective. Cons: Potential for hangovers and unpleasant experiences with fellow travelers, low-quality tequila, and limited educational value.

Tours by Distillery: An option for those who desire a customized experience, although it requires renting a car. Distillery tours may be led by various staff members, ranging from trained guides to bottling personnel or secretaries. The experience varies, making it unpredictable. Pros: Customizable experience. Cons: Legal concerns with drinking and driving, potential difficulties without advance booking, and uncertainty about the quality of distilleries.

The Agave Experience: For those seeking a harmonious blend of education, the art and science of tequila production, and premium tastings. Although the most expensive option, our tour offers top-quality tequilas and Tequila Masters as guides – four of only 90 worldwide. We've invested over 500 hours in studying to provide the most recent and comprehensive tequila tour experience. Pros: Tequila Masters, luxury, small and private groups, premium tequila, exclusive locations, and exceptional service. Cons: Higher cost, but the unparalleled experience surpasses expectations.

In summary, choosing the right tequila tour depends on your preferences – whether it's a lively atmosphere, budget-friendly options, a customized experience, or a premium, educational journey. Each option has its pros and cons, so weigh your priorities to make the most informed decision for an unforgettable tequila adventure.